TargetSolutions’ ISO Training Tracker Makes ISO Compliance Easier Than Ever


TargetSolutions ISO Training Tracker Allows for a Broad Variety of Functions, Condensed into a Central Reporting and Tracking System.

One of the most challenging times for training officers and fire administration officials comes when an Insurance Services Office (ISO) review is looming on the horizon. The ritual of the gathering-of-the-records begins, followed shortly thereafter by the intensive effort required to prepare the records, including those that need to be located or redone.

The end result is often hundreds of hours worth of personnel time.In the past, these have mostly been manual processes, but lets take a minute to talk about a relatively new solution that can automate the reporting of ISO requirements, as well as the delivery, tracking, and accountability of training required for various classes of personnel within ISO's standards: TargetSolutions' ISO Training Tracker. The primary component of this system, and the heart of the improvement it brings about, is the ISO Training Tracker. More than just the name implies, this application allows for a broad variety of functions, condensed into a central reporting and tracking system.

The ISO Training Tracker pulls together credentials, "tagging" capabilities (where training courses, also delivered and tracked by the TargetSolutions suite, can be marked as meeting compliance for a given standard), and "custom activities" (trackable assignments built specifically for a particular agencys requirements using the powerful built-in course creation tool), the ISO Training Tracker allows for at-a-glance updates on demand at any time.

The system also includes many ready-made training assignments covering ISO Driver Training, ISO Officer Training, ISO Hazmat Training, ISO Company Training and ISO Facilities Training.

Training requirements, arranged into convenient "buckets" (online training courses, combined with customized, instructor-led and drill-yard training activities) that were designed from the get-go to meet ISO requirements for each class.Assigning and tracking this training to your members is simple and intuitive, cutting down on the time and effort required to get "butts in seats" in terms of your contact hours for training.

With custom reporting capabilities, when the time comes to present your agency for certification or recertification, pulling together all of your records is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse. The Training Tracker also has reports created strictly for ISO requirements that are built-in.This helps to ensure a seamless audit, with much less time (if any) spent looking for additional required records during the process.And, since the training assignments are already available to assign to your members and have been constructed specifically for ISO compliance, you wont have to worry if your educational contact hours meet the necessary criterion for approval.

By bringing together an intuitive, user-friendly interface for both administrators and personnel alike, TargetSolutions Records Management System and Learning Management System, with the built-in powerful ISO Training Tracker, can streamline your training and records management expenses, ensuring high-quality, consistent training that can be brought to your personnel wherever and whenever they have time. This enables your agency to spend more of its time, budget, and personnel hours on the primary mission of serving the citizens of your community.

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