Join OSHA in the Fight Vs. Falls: Tips to Hold a Safety Stand-Down


As OSHA holds its National Fall Prevention Stand-Down for Construction this week, it’s the perfect time to think about fall protection in your own industrial facility. Year after year, fall prevention safety standards are among the top 10 most frequently cited OSHA standards. Check out these tips for holding a Safety Stand-Down to review hazards, protective methods, safety policies and company goals with your employees.

How to Hold a Safety Stand-Down:

  • Designate a coordinator to organize the stand-down. If you have multiple facilities, identify the team that will lead the stand-down at each site.
  • Consider reviewing your fall prevention program. This will help provide a more effective stand-down. Ask yourself…

– Are employees aware of the company’s fall protection procedures?

– What training have you provided to your workers? Does it need revision?

– What equipment have you provided to your workers? Is better equipment available?

  • Identify the types of falls to focus on: Falls from ladders; Falls from a scaffold; Falls down stairs
  • Promote the stand-down. Try to make it interesting to workers. Some employers find that serving snacks increases participation.
  • Hold your stand-down. Try to make it positive and interactive. Let workers talk about their experiences and encourage them to make suggestions.
  • Follow up. If you learned something that could improve your fall prevention program, consider making changes.

For more ways to train employees in fall protection and other safety topics, download RedVector’s Health, Safety and Environment Training Curriculum.Health--Safety-Environment-Training

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