Learning Management Systems Simplify Continuing Education Tracking

Continuing education (CE) is critical for both professional development and licensing in the architecture, engineering and construction sectors. Learning management systems can empower organizations to simplify CE tracking, allowing companies to easily document who has completed training, what certifications they have received and which requirements must be met. This is especially important as businesses work to track CE activities across their entire workforce to ensure compliance with state licensing bodies.

Looking at the value of learning management systems
Organizations are embracing LMS technologies. A recent Accuracy Research study found that the global LMS market will rise at a compound annual growth rate of 20.8 percent during the next five years. This will bring annual revenues in the sector to approximately $10 billion in 2020. This expansion will come as technological innovation takes hold across the sector.

Auditing CE completion with traditional methods is a complex and often overwhelming process, especially as auditors often expect quick turnarounds when they begin to analyze your CE documentation. An LMS can store and track all CE processes digitally, making it easier to comply with requirements on an ongoing basis and quickly collect records when an audit takes place.

Ongoing tracking simplifies compliance
An LMS makes it easier for users to track their CE completion on their own while providing top-down visibility into the organization. Company leaders responsible for overseeing CE compliance can use an LMS to quickly view who has completed training, when they took courses and what requirements still need to be met to ensure compliance. Users are able to efficiently update the LMS on their own as they complete training and leaders get full visibility into CE across the organization.

Digitizing CE records and certifications within an easy-to-access LMS eliminates the complex, time-consuming manual tasks that come with having users file paperwork about their CE efforts and storing those records over an extended period of time. With CE digitized, you can clearly track who has done what and when, making it much easier stay on top of CE requirements and prevent an audit from disrupting your organization. This is particularly true for firms that do not have extensive personnel resources to dedicate to training, as the rapid access to CE data makes it easier for users across the business to contribute to tracking processes.

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