Learning Objectives for Safety Training: Read Our Article in ASSE’s “Professional Safety” Magazine


We’ve published a new article in a series of articles related to safety training in the January issue of Professional Safety, the official magazine of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE).

Each of the articles provides tips for better safety training, and they all take as a starting point different key parts of the ASSE/ANSI Z490.1 standard on Effective Safety Training. In this particular article, we focused on using learning objectives for safety training.

To stay up to date with this series and a lot of great safety information, check out Professional Safety magazine and of course the ASSE/ANSI Z490.1 standard for Effective Safety Training.

Also, you might be interested to learn that ASSE and ANSI are putting together ANSI Z490.2, which will deal with online or “virtual” safety training. We’re on the committee to help create that–here’s our latest article about the development of ANSI Z490.2 for Online Safety Training.

Finally, we’ve got some safety-training-related freebies for you. To learn more about blended safety training, download our free Beginner’s Guide to Blended Learning by clicking the link you just past or download our free Guide to Effective Safety Training, which is based on Z490.1, by clicking the large download button at the bottom of this article.

You might also find a LOT of stuff interesting and helpful on your online safety training search in the guide below.

You can find our article on learning objectives for safety training on page 25 of Professional Safety.

Learning objectives for safety training image

Hope you like it!

To download our free guide to Effective Safety Training, click the button at the bottom of this article. The guide is based on ANSI Z490.1, which is the inspiration for the series of articles at Professional Safety as ell.

If you’re interested in learning more about online safety and health courses you could add in a blended learning safety training solution, the short video below gives a sample of the health and safety online courses that Convergence Training makes on hundreds of safety and health topics.

And the video below gives a quick explanation of how you can use a learning management system to manage that blended learning safety training solution for health and safety training management.

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