Leveraging Educator Evaluation to Maximize the Teaching and Learning Cycle Through Feedback and PD

Leveraging Educator Evaluation to Maximize the Teaching and Learning Cycle Through Feedback and PD

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of hosting a Vector Solutions Power Play Education Series event in Tampa, Florida. During the event, Michelle Heim Balch, Senior Administrator of Performance and Evaluation from Springfield Public Schools in Massachusetts presented strategies on leveraging educator evaluation to maximize the teaching and learning cycle through feedback and professional development.

Springfield Public Schools is the second largest district in New England with 61 schools, over 25,000 students, and over 2,300 teachers. 

The Change

In support of their Springfield Effective Educator Development System (SEEDS), Springfield Public Schools (SPS) has made changes to their educator evaluation system, including switching to the TeachPoint Educator Evaluation and PD Tracking Solutions to support them in this shift. 

The district moved from an evaluation system that was focused on compliance to a model that encourages development and continuous improvement, empowers educators, enables more short but frequent observations, and is driven by data and evidence. TeachPoint supports the collection of evidence online and facilitates the review and calibration of evaluator feedback. TeachPoint allows for greater district monitoring and fidelity assurance. SPS focuses on the quality of feedback to ensure feedback is actionable and will improve practice, can be implemented quickly with limited professional development or coaching, is clear and simple to understand, will clearly impact student learning, and is linked to feedback from previous observations (if any).

Access to evaluation data and professional development management in a single system also allows administrators to target professional development based on educator needs.

Watch the video of Michelle’s presentation to hear lessons learned from Springfield Public Schools as they’ve made significant shifts in their educator evaluation process to improve student learning and provide high quality professional development.


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