Best Practices for Logging ISO Training Hours in TargetSolutions

To ensure your agency is properly using the ISO credential in TargetSolutions to track hours for your department's next ISO review, keep these points in mind...

TargetSolutions’ ISO credential organizes the required training hours for your department’s personnel to achieve a class 1 rating by the Insurance Services Office (ISO). This credential is consistently updated according to changing ISO standards and clearly defines mandated training topics and hours. However, while the pre-built bundles simplify what to track, it is up to departments to enter the proper information the ISO is looking for during an audit.

To ensure your agency is appropriately using your ISO credential and is only tracking what counts for the next ISO review, keep these points in mind:

Only Log Training Activities Related to Structural Firefighting Training

When the ISO is reviewing your department’s training hours, they are looking exclusively for training related to structural firefighting. All training entered in the credential, whether it be online courses or hands-on training, should be in accordance with the general criteria of the NFPA 1001 standard.

Specialty team training exercises, such as confined space or water rescue, although are crucial to maintaining a safer community, should not be included in your ISO credential. These special training activities aren’t related to structural fires and won’t be considered during your department’s audit.

Be Mindful of Logging External Courses

When taking external courses, it may be tempting to include them in your ISO training hours. However, if the course is not directly linked to structural fire training, hours spent completing this course will not count in an ISO review. For example, officer/professional development courses are important for building leadership and progressing in the ranks, but they aren’t ISO-related.

Additionally, it is not best practices to include hours studying for a course as ISO training hours. The hours that would count in an audit would be classroom time or time spent actively learning lessons – rather than reviewing said material.

Routine Checks & Excessive Fitness Hours Do Not Count as Training

While daily apparatus and SCBA checks are essential functions in every department, these inspections are not training activities according to the ISO. Whether your department is using the TargetSolutions Check It™ mobile application or another system to perform routine checks, hours spent conducting them should not be included in your ISO credential. Full inspections of PPE, such as gloves, pants, etc., are the only exception as they are in-depth learning opportunities and are conducted less frequently.

Physical fitness is a crucial part of training for firefighters. When reviewing a department, however, the ISO only allows a maximum of 40 hours of fitness training to be included in the audit. Documenting excessive hours won’t contribute to your department’s ISO rating.

Interested in learning more about TargetSolutions' ISO Training Tracker? Download the ISO Overview and FAQ document to learn more about how you can schedule, track and report ISO training hours with TargetSolutions.

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