Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

The generational diversity in the workplace is rapidly growing. From seasoned Baby Boomers with years of experience to fresh-faced Generation Z-ers who are constantly connected, the workforce is becoming increasingly varied. It’s no surprise that each generation has their own unique goals, strengths, styles, and needs for employers to consider.

While managing such an age-diverse workforce is certainly not without its challenges, there are many benefits to employing a team that spans multiple generations. It’s critical for management teams to understand the multi-generations that they employ to increase motivation, engagement and productivity.

Vector Solutions’ created courses that will highlight the many benefits of each generation in the workplace and how to manage them uniquely. Below is a snapshot of just 3 of them:

Top Benefits of a Multi-Generational Workforce 

      • Drives innovation

      Each generation comes with a background of experience. By encouraging open collaboration, teams are empowered to co-create initiatives that combine past learnings with new innovation for greater efficiency.

      • Builds a healthy talent pipeline 

      A workplace shines when it has a steady pipeline of talents and leaders that are ready to step up when their names are called. You’re going to better recruit and retain future talent of all generations when they see you are committed to everyone’s success and investing in their professional growth. Feeling included and appreciated increases loyalty and feeling of belonging.

      • Promotes the sharing of best practices and different perspectives through mentorship

      Multiple generations in a workplace create an opportunity for people to learn from one another and hear different perspectives on the same ideas. Leveraging the unique strengths of each generation and enabling them to learn from each other creates a more collaborative, engaged environment.

Vector Solutions Managing Multi-Generations Courses 
3 Courses Included:

Managing a Millennial

Managing Generation X

Smart Management: Getting the Most out of a Multigenerational Workforce

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