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Learning & Development

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June 2 2022

Vector Solutions’ Training Courses Honored for Excellence

Vector Solutions Recognized with Silver Telly Awards for eLearning Submissions   Tampa, FL - June 2, 2022 - Vector Solutions, a leader in eLearning and SaaS performance support solutions for the world’s most critical industries, announced today that the company…

May 19 2022

What Customer Experience Means To Vector

The world of customer satisfaction is complex and many organizations approach it differently, and with specific goals in mind. At Vector Solutions, we call it Customer Experience, and we know exactly what it means to us - and why it…

Whitepapers & Guides
May 9 2022

Closing the Facilities Maintenance Skills Gap Guide

Like many industries, the facilities industry is experiencing a serious and growing skills gap, including for maintenance techs and building engineers with necessary technical maintenance skills.  There are plenty of reasons for this gap—the aging and retiring of experienced workers,…

May 5 2022

Rapidly Skill-Up Facilities Maintenance Technicians with Well-Designed Onboarding

Providing effective, efficient onboarding training to newly hired employees (and current employees moving into new job positions) is one of the most impactful training investments an organization can make. A well-designed onboarding program can help support the newly hired worker’s…

April 19 2022

Six Things to Know about Training Facilities Maintenance Technicians

Qualified, knowledgeable, and highly-skilled facilities maintenance techs are in short demand these days. And these days (in 2022), that’s all the more true, with very low rates of national unemployment and many workers leaving jobs or changing employers as part…

April 18 2022

9 Things to Look for in a Facilities Maintenance…

Like employers in many industries, facilities managers are caught in a tough bind with the threat of losing employees during the Great Resignation, the ongoing challenge of continually upskilling current maintenance technicians, and the need to quickly and effectively onboard…

Whitepapers & Guides
April 13 2022

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Guide

Make the shift away from reactive/”breakdown” maintenance and toward a more proactive, preventive maintenance approach by implementing Total Productive Maintenance, or TPM, at your plant. TPM begins on the foundation of 5S from lean and empowers machine operators to do…

Whitepapers & Guides
April 8 2022

Employee Onboarding Guide

Well-designed, supportive, and well-implemented onboarding programs can help accelerate the integration of newly hired workers, ensure proper knowledge acquisition and skill development, help ensure compliance, and even aid in employee engagement, morale, and retention. In this guide, you’ll learn: What…

April 7 2022

8 Things to Keep in Mind about Employee Onboarding…

Although employee onboarding programs are known to provide great benefits for employees and the organization (see our Better Employee Onboarding recorded webinar to see some statistics and data on that), many organizations don’t offer a real employee onboarding program and…