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July 17 2021

State of Industrial/Manufacturing Training in 2020/21

Get tips and insights about the state of training in the industrial and manufacturing sectors in 2020 and 2021, including, of course, COVID.

Whitepapers & Guides
July 16 2021

State of L&D in 2021 Guide

Read what many of the world's leading experts see as the current state and future of learning and development in 2021, including but not limited to COVID-19's affects on L&D. Contributors to the guide include: Connie Malamed Arun Pradhan Patti…

July 1 2021

Organizational Culture Basics: The OCAI Assessment and the Competing…

Organizational culture is an incredibly powerful thing. Didn't someone say that "culture eats strategy for breakfast," after all? (Hmm, who was that? Oh, a quick web search tells us it was management consultant Peter Drucker). And that's why we've begun…

June 29 2021

Organizational Culture Basics: Three Levels of Observability

The culture of your organization is a powerful thing. It influences many of the realities of your organization and is an important consideration during organizational changes as well. You often hear people talk about organizational culture, but it's not always…

June 12 2021

Putting Adult Learning Principles to Work

If you’ve studied different ways to make the training at your work place better, you’ve probably noticed a few things. The first is that a lot of the ideas are presented in difficult, specialized language that you wouldn’t hear at…

June 4 2021

The Importance of Reskilling Workers

Not too long ago, we had a discussion with the highly respected L&D professional Dr. Stella Lee in which she argued that the COVID pandemic presented a need, challenge, and opportunity to L&D professionals to help reskill and upskill workers…

May 31 2021

The Continued (and Growing) Importance of Upskilling

It’s no secret that industrial and manufacturing employers in the United States have been faced with a skills gap for quite some time. That’s true for a variety of reasons, including the increasing integration of technology into industrial and manufacturing…

May 24 2021

Webinar: Selecting & Using Online Manufacturing Training

UPCOMING LIVE WEBINAR Selecting & Using Online Manufacturing Training Register Now Webinar Overview Tuesday, September 21, 2021, 1 pm EDT | 10 am PDT Get an introduction to using online training in a manufacturing facility, including the tech and terms…

May 20 2021

Using The Right Technology To Unleash The Power of…

Your online learning and training program is best-in-class and your employees are active participants in your compliance and performance development opportunities. Now what? First, congratulate yourselves on investing in a top learning and training platform and customizing it to the…