This Month’s Featured Scenario-Based Training for Firefighters: Oak Drive Fire & Division 2 Near-Miss

To learn more about AlphaACT® FIRE’s scenario-based training courses, please attend an upcoming webinar. Webinars are open to anyone interested and are scheduled for 9 a.m. (PDT) every Wednesday.

TargetSolutions has partnered with AlphaTRAC Products to offer AlphaACT® FIRE’s dynamic firefighter training courses. These special scenario-based courses, available at an additional charge, are built to help fireground incident commanders improve their decision-making skills.

All of AlphaACT® FIRE’s course material is based on real-life experiences and is integrated with the IAFC’s Near-Miss system. By taking captured experiences and turning them into simulation training lessons, AlphaACT® FIRE delivers impactful situational awareness training that can be scheduled, delivered and tracked with TargetSolutions.

There are currently more than 70 AlphaACT® FIRE courses on the TargetSolutions platform. Here are this month’s featured courses, both of which are based on real events:

Division 2 Near-Miss
This training session addresses a fire in a highly structure-concentrated suburb. With a large crew responding, it’s a careful balancing act of applying abundant resources effectively to protect the crew’s life safety and complete the rescue.

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Oak Drive Fire
This training session addresses a structure fire in a large remodeled suburban home. With plenty of resources, using them effectively as well as locating and controlling the fire are key tasks to success.

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To learn more about AlphaACT® FIRE’s scenario-based training courses, as well as the AlphaACT® FIRE’s Scenario Builder, and how these training tools can benefit your organization, please click here to register for an upcoming webinar.

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