Skills That Pay The Bills: Most In-Demand Skills Hiring Managers Look For

Skills That Pay The Bills: Most In-Demand Skills Hiring Managers Look For

As a company dealing in – and relying heavily on – technology, we often joke that the robots are coming.

We’ve all seen videos of robots, in various stages of development, attempting daily tasks – with varying degrees of success.

And in watching these often-hysterical videos, it’s obvious – at least for now – that the robots are not yet coming for all our jobs, though technological advancements are, however, forcing us to shift focus as professional ecosystems evolve – and quickly

In fact, the entirety of the global workforce is in the midst of a widespread workplace shift as artificial intelligence and widening skills gaps dramatically reimagine the landscape of the way we work. 

And in the U.S. workforce, skills gaps can range from a workforce newcomer with little or no on-the-job experience to an established employee whose formal education and training haven’t kept pace with demanding industry changes and professional ecosystem evolutions.

So while a recent report estimates 50 percent of today’s jobs are vulnerable to artificial intelligence, there are skills that hiring managers seek more than others in this modern world. 

But do you know what they are – and how you can get them?

Five of The Most In-Demand Skills in 2019

LinkedIn compiled an exhaustively comprehensive list of the top-25 technical skills most demanded by hiring managers and we’ve highlighted five – with courses that can take you from the professional you are today to being the leader you want to be tomorrow!

1. Cloud Computing

Course: Operating Systems-Cloud Computing and Virtualization

Client-side virtualization and cloud computing are different than just using the cloud or other virtualization services. You might be wondering what, exactly, each means and how they’re different. This course answers those questions and covers what you need to know about virtualization, client-side virtualization, and cloud computing. The course also covers the benefits, features, and how to utilize the different available features.

2. Mobile Application Development

Course: 10 Apps in 10 Weeks 

With this course, you’ll learn unique and important skills used by professional app developers every day. Each app includes full source code, step-by-step building tutorial, and any needed video, music and graphic assets. 

While creating these apps, you’ll learn skills like media control, web service consumption, XML and JSON parson, jQuery Mobile, Google Maps™, Google Places API™, geolocation, gaming techniques and more. These apps can easily be deployed to all three of the largest app stores and we’ll show you how. 

3. Game Development

Course: Game Development

Learn to develop games like the pros with the tools the professionals use. What could you do with a tool that allows you to develop a single 3D game and export it to iOS, Android, the Web, PC, Mac, Facebook and multiple other environments? 

In this course, you’ll go step by step through the Unity environment, learning each tool. You’ll also learn how to integrate outside assets, sound, animation, game physics and much more. And BONUS! You’ll be able to play the games you create immediately right in the web browser with this course, too.

4. Customer Service

Course: Smart Customer Service: Courtesies, Attitude, Ethics and Listening for Understanding

This course is designed to help you understand how to present yourself well at all times. You’ll learn how to conduct yourself in first impression situations, speak and act courteously at all times, maintain a positive attitude, and act ethically and fairly with every customer you meet. 

You’ll also learn to improve your listening skills so that you will be able to interact well with all your customers, whether you handle them face-to-face or by telephone.   

5. Digital & Social Media Marketing

Course: 7 Steps for Using LinkedIn Effectively

LinkedIn is an avenue you can use to help you build your reputation in your field and become better at marketing and business development. This interactive online course will teach you ten action steps to take to build a strong LinkedIn® profile. Additionally, you will learn who you should connect with on LinkedIn to maximize your exposure. You will also learn the do’s and don’ts of maximizing your usage in LinkedIn groups.

At Vector Solutions, We’ve Got Your Back

Whether you’re seeking to enhance your existing skill set or transition to a new industry altogether, we’ve got the courses to help you gain the skills – both hard and soft – that hiring managers demand most.

With a little time and dedication, our courses can meet you where you are – any time, anywhere right at your fingertips – for the most in-demand skills that pay the bills.

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