TargetSolutions Releases All-New Course: Water Industry Excavation


Trenching and excavation are executed around the world every day. Excavations are considered one of the most perilous jobs in the construction industry. This type of work presents serious hazards to all workers involved and OSHA has increased the enforcement of excavation and trenching activities throughout the U.S.

To help employers ensure their workers are adequately trained in excavation safety, TargetSolutions developed an all-new course for its Water & Wastewater training catalog: Water Industry Excavation.

Course Overview

Water Industry Excavation uses a variety of engaging approaches to create an immersive learning experience for individuals. Throughout this video-based, 1-hour course, an onscreen instructor covers essential definitions, inspection criteria, potential hazards and the typing and components of excavations. In addition to comprehensive course material, case studies are also discussed to help individuals understand real-life applications of this crucial training.

As learners go through each lesson, they're frequently tested for comprehension with interactive study exercises. Then, upon finishing their excavation safety course, they are given a final exam.

Course Objectives

This course addresses all the potential hazards one can encounter in an excavation and how to clearly identify and protect one’s self from those hazards. After completing this course, individuals will be able to recognize and eliminate hazardous conditions, be knowledgeable in different soil classifications, and choose the correct protective solution for a specific scope of work.

Through this course, the learner will understand how to:

  • Identify trench anatomy and describe the duties of a competent person
  • Apply and execute proper excavation inspection requirements
  • Differentiate between the different soil classifications
  • Recognize acceptable access and egress into excavations per OSHA guidelines
  • Analyze the excavation requirement to select the appropriate protective solution
  • Distinguish between requirements for sloping, benching, shoring, and when each should be used
  • Identify hazardous atmospheres, and recognize how to avoid them
  • Analyze the hazards of dewatering and when it is required in an excavation

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