New Timeline Feature and Callback Rules in TargetSolutions Scheduling™


Fire, EMS, and law enforcement agencies across the country rely on TargetSolutions Scheduling™ powered by CrewSense to streamline their workforce management processes. Built by public safety professionals, this dynamic application is designed for the hectic schedules of mission-critical industries.

New enhancements in TargetSolutions Scheduling™ improve how callbacks are customized and provide a timeline view of your crew’s schedule. With these new features, monitoring and editing schedules is even more versatile and user-friendly.

Your Crew’s Schedules at a Glance

An addition to the Crew Scheduler tab, Timeline View offers a linear view of all personnel’s schedules in an hour-by-hour breakdown. This new perspective allows platform administrators to monitor schedules from a weekly, daily or by-shift basis.

Additional filters also include the ability to view schedules by assignments, such as all paramedics for the week, or sort schedules by a user.

From this module, shift hours can be adjusted by dragging an individual’s hours range. This functionality makes on-the-fly schedule adjustments simple and effective – reducing the risk of overlapping hours or not enough coverage.

As administrators make any necessary schedule adjustments, they will be able to approve their changes before notifying employees. Once they’re finalized, any schedule updates will then be shown in the Crew Scheduler dashboard.

Automate Custom Rules for Callbacks

The new Callback Rules Builder offers greater customization for supervisors when performing callbacks. This tiered method of filtering employees makes it easier to reach the right personnel when a shift is available and helps automate the process – saving you time and ensuring fairness.

The methodology begins by starting a new Approach, otherwise known as a “list.” From there, you can apply custom rules to the approach and automatically contact that group of employees (through the callback process). For example, you could perform a callback for firefighters, specify that they need to be a paramedic and be of a certain rank.

To streamline the entire process, the approaches you customize can be saved and easily applied to future callbacks. Approaches and Rules allow more variation in callback lists and increase transparency as employees can view their rankings within a rule.

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