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The Vector EHS Management Software team is excited to announce that we have developed a mobile field inspection app capable of conducting EHS inspections! Complimentary to the desktop version of our inspection software, the Vector EHS Mobile Inspection App offers numerous features that makes conducting inspections easier.

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Configure for any inspection forms

Like the rest of the Vector EHS safety software system, the mobile inspection app is designed to be highly configurable to meet the needs of any organization. Choose what fields appear on your inspection report before customizing your checklists.

You'll be able to build any type of inspection checklist using the desktop version of the software. Each item, item status, and weight of compliance can be configured to meet your requirements.

This will allow you to easily meet inspection requirements for cranes, vehicles, equipment, and more, all with one mobile app!




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Data collection easier than ever before

Our mobile inspection app will streamline the inspection process across your organization, especially for field workers.

The app can be used without internet connection to conduct inspections anytime, anywhere, even from remote and off-site locations. Simply download your checklists while connected to the internet, and you'll be able to use them when offline.

When you've completed your inspection, your findings will be saved within the app. Once you do have an internet connection, you can submit your inspection data to the IndustrySafe database.

Our mobile inspection software is designed for quick and easy data capture. You have the ability to set statuses for multiple items at once should all items meet the same conditions. Basic information will auto-fill, and users can quickly navigate to different sections of a checklist.




Attach photos of deficient items

With the inspections mobile app, you're able to take advantage of your mobile device's built-in camera. Take photos and attach them to specific line items for further insight on found defects. Field service workers can also attach items already on their mobile device.

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Add Corrective Actions for easy follow up

You can easily add corrective actions to any inspection item to correct deficiencies. Once uploaded to the desktop inspection management software, responsible parties will be notified for additional follow up.




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Try it out for yourself

The EHS Inspections Mobile App is available for download in the App Store® and Google Play™ for iPhone and Android devices.

By signing up for a free demo account of Vector EHS Management, you'll be able to test out the mobile app for yourself.

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Want to Know More?

Reach out and a Vector Solutions representative will respond back to help answer any questions you might have.