Police Course Updates: Constitutional Law, Domestic Violence & Fatigue



Law enforcement is a constantly changing industry. To ensure officers can adapt, their refresher training must reflect the most up-to-date procedures and regulations. Vector Solutions is in the process of revamping its online police course library with dynamic videos, current case studies and industry best practices.

This latest round of law enforcement course updates includes: Constitutional Law, Domestic Violence and Understanding Fatigue for Law Enforcement.

Revamped Police Domestic Violence Training and More

Vector Solutions’ online police course catalog features hundreds of hours of training for law enforcement professionals. Available through the TargetSolutions system, agencies can deliver accredited police training for domestic violence, body language reading, de-escalation and implicit bias.

Updated courses feature refreshed content that’s written by law enforcement subject matter experts. Additionally, renewed training includes a new course narrator, modern videos and animations and important studies.

Below is an overview of each online course:

Constitutional Law reviews the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights as it relates to the field of law enforcement.  Emphasis will be given to amendments specifically targeting the way law enforcement carries out job duties, including the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, and Fourteenth. This course will also present relevant court cases and case law that has defined and shaped the profession, both traditionally and in modern society.

Domestic Violence provides a general overview of domestic violence. Topics covered include understanding the psychologies of abusers and victims, breaking the cycle of violence, and identifying crimes commonly associated with domestic violence. Lessons also focus on scene safety, conducting the on-scene investigation, criteria to determine whether to make an arrest, and strategies for protecting the victim.

Understanding Fatigue for Law Enforcement focuses on officer fatigue by examining the causes and effects of fatigue, the physiological factors that underlie fatigue and the ways fatigue can impair officers as they perform certain tasks. The course also highlights fatigue management strategies that officers can implement into their daily lives in order to improve performance.

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