Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District Streamline Workforce Management

Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District Streamline Workforce Management

Vector Scheduling Week View Since implementing Vector Scheduling (formerly CrewSense) in January 2018, the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District (California) has utilized its flexible features and convenient notification tools to make workforce management a painless process. Aspects of Vector Scheduling such as the scheduling dashboard, the strike team module, and communication capabilities, have proven to be instrumental to the Fire District.


About the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District

Spanning 50-square miles in the southern California region, the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District protects over 33,000 citizens with 6 stations comprising of full-time firefighters and a reserve program for volunteers.

Serving a wildland/urban interface environment, the Fire District trains personnel to address areas susceptible to large vegetation fires that can lead to a significant loss of homes.

Simplified Fire Department Scheduling Management

Vector Scheduling has made it easy for the Fire District to schedule paid firefighters and volunteers who sign up for shifts. The visual scheduling dashboard allows McVey and other administrators to oversee staffing levels for each station and make updates such as shift trades, overtime, and more.

“One of the greatest things about Vector Scheduling is it’s everchanging. It’s always evolving and becoming better. They come out with a new module or aspect of the program that really works for us and it’s changing a lot of how we fill shifts and it’s really helpful.”

Craig McVey, Engineer and Staffing Administrator

Due to the high risk of wildfires in California and in the Rancho Santa Fe region, McVey praised the strike team module in Vector Scheduling. Using this feature, McVey explained that the agency was able to call upon personnel to help fight large wildland fires in northern California in 2018 while still ensuring stations were staffed on the home front.

As a mobile application, Vector Scheduling makes communication more flexible across the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District. Sending out schedule changes or replying to overtime or callback requests are more automated and instantaneous for personnel and administrators.

“We can even be on scene of a large incident and use the mobile app to initiate employee recalls to have people come back in and backfill our stations,” McVey explained. “No longer do we need someone actually in the station to do so.”

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