Report Shows Green Building Will Greatly Impact GDP, Jobs, Wages, Energy Savings and More by 2018


The 2015 Green Building Economic Impact Study finds the green building industry contributes more than $134.3 billion in labor income to working Americans. The study also found that green construction’s growth rate is rapidly outpacing that of conventional construction and will continue to rise. Check out additional highlights below:

  • LEED will directly contribute $29.8 billion to GDP by 2018
  • The 2014 Green Building industry supported over 2 million workers
  • Green Construction will directly contribute to 1.1 million jobs by 2018
  • Green Construction will directly contribute $75.6 billion in wages by 2018
  • In 2015, the median direct contribution to state economies is forecast at $934 million
  • From 2015-2018, LEED-certified buildings are estimated to contribute as much as…

– $1.2 billion in energy savings
– $715.3 million in maintenance savings
– $149.5 million in water savings
– $54.2 million in waste savings

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