Returning to Work? Here’s How Vector LiveSafe Makes It Easy

Returning to Work? Here’s How Vector LiveSafe Makes It Easy

As organizations continue to grapple with ever-changing COVID-19 concerns and guidance, returning to work safely and avoiding employee illness is top priority. To do this, it’s important to remain aware of current risks and recommendations, develop effective health and safety policies, and, above all, ensure that employees are informed and prepared to resume safe operations. Vector LiveSafe makes this easy.

With risk management, safety communications, and health-specific capabilities, Vector LiveSafe can help your organization prepare, communicate, and respond to ongoing health and safety risks. Here, we discuss several key Vector LiveSafe features for a safe return to work: Broadcast messages (plus Check-In), daily health questionnaires, real-time two-way communications, customizable resources, and comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Segmented Broadcast Messages - Plus Check In

Mass notifications are a key feature of the Vector LiveSafe platform. These alerts, called Broadcasts, can be sent to your entire workforce or to a specified group of employees via email, push notification, or text message. If desired, Broadcasts can even be scheduled to occur on a recurring basis, such as for regular daily alerts or reminders. 

In addition to sending employees pertinent information, Broadcasts can also include a “Check-In” prompt that allows employees to respond to a multiple-choice question. Organizations typically use Check-In to ensure that workers are safe during a security incident by prompting them to respond “I am safe” or “I need assistance.”

During workplace reopening, Broadcast messages can be used to share the following:

  • Workplace health and safety policies
  • COVID-related protocols (ex: mask-wearing)
  • Updated state and local guidance
  • Operational changes or facility concerns
  • Information about testing and vaccination sites or company policies

Check-In can be used to assess:

  • Whether employees have been exposed in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak
  • Employee safety during severe weather
  • Employee understanding and confidence in updated workplace policies

Customizable Daily Health Questionnaire

As organizations reopen, maintaining employee health is critical to avoiding workplace illness. One way to do this is by regularly checking in to ensure that employees have not experienced COVID-19 symptoms, exposure, or confirmed or suspected infection. The best way to do this is by deploying a daily health questionnaire.

Vector LiveSafe’s daily health questionnaire presents employees with several questions about COVID-19 considerations. Depending on their responses, they will either be shown a green checkmark and informed that they should report to work or will be shown a red “X” and told to stay home and contact their supervisor. Some organizations require employees to display their checkmark when entering the workplace to ensure that everyone reporting to work is healthy.

Vector LiveSafe’s Daily Health Questionnaire can be used to:

  • Remind employees to conduct regular self-attestations
  • Get a snapshot of your workforce’s health
  • Ensure that employees with symptoms or potential exposure do not report to work
  • Promote workplace health and safety

Seamless Two-Way Communication with Employees

The Vector LiveSafe platform makes it easy for employees to report questions and concerns and receive real-time support and guidance. 

Using the “Tip Submit” feature, employees can inquire about COVID-19 policies, report workplace health concerns, and more. Once an employee submits a tip, they are immediately able to engage in a real-time conversation with leadership, if desired.

This two-way communication ensures that employees stay informed and enables employers to gain insights into employee concerns.

Common uses of Tip Submit and two-way messaging during workplace reopening include:

  • Clarifying a health or safety policy (ex: mask-wearing)
  • Reporting a workplace health concern (ex: improper sanitization)
  • Engaging in conversation about a report (ex: providing an employee with pertinent resources or asking for further information)
  • Sharing information about local area concerns (ex: nearby road closures that may affect commuting)

Accessible Organizational Resources

The “Resources” section of the Vector LiveSafe Mobile App enables employers to put pertinent resources at employees’ fingertips. This includes PDFs and URLs to information such as workplace policies, state and local health and safety guidance, and more. 

Any information uploaded in PDF form is accessible with or without an internet connection. 

The Resources section is a helpful tool for all employees but provides particular value to lone workers or employees who frequently travel or work in new environments.

Common information to upload into LiveSafe Resources includes:

  • Company policies (payroll, benefits, etc.)
  • Links to state, local, and national COVID-19 guidance
  • Workplace health and safety information
  • Mental health resources
  • Remote work policies

Helpful Reporting & Analytics

Regardless of how your organization uses the Vector LiveSafe platform, your administrators will have access to reporting and analytics information.

This includes employee usage data, Broadcast message information, Tip Submit reports, and more. These analytics enable you to easily assess app engagement and gather effective risk management insights.

Vector LiveSafe’s reporting and analytics provide insights including:

  • Number of Mobile App users
  • Total Broadcast messages, Tip Submissions, Resources views, etc.
  • Responses to Broadcast Check-In messages
  • Deliverability metrics

Risk Management & Return-to-Work

With the features listed above and more, Vector LiveSafe gives you the tools you need to protect your organization from COVID-19 outbreaks, facilitate incident prevention and response, and promote a culture of safety — both during the pandemic and beyond. 

For more information about how LiveSafe can protect your organization, consider this LiveSafe Return-to-Work Feature Sheet or request a demo.


Alexandra Brunjes has a B.S. in Neurobiology from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. with minors in Creative Writing and French. She is a published journalist and experienced health and science writer. Her expertise includes risk intelligence, healthcare and neuroscience, and technology.

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