I recently added some features to our Safety-DVD website. In addition to selling our complete EHS Training DVD ($399 for 8+ hours of training), we are now promoting our individual titles. In this library, we have 28 titles to choose from starting as low as $49.00. If you want multiple copies or multiple topics, we even offer discounts. Our DVDs can be used to present to groups, during safety meetings, or in a classroom setting.

Our courses focus on key topics for OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration), the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and other regulatory agencies. We have almost 10 total hours of training that you can use to fill in the gaps for your OSHA 10, OSHA 30, or HazWoper certifications. So, if you need your OSHA card, why not supplement your training with engaging, contemporary training that won’t put you to sleep?

Our individual topics are listed below:

Aerial Work Platforms $49.00
Asbestos Awareness $49.00
Bloodborne Pathogens $49.00
Confined Space Awareness $49.00
Electrical Safety General Awareness $49.00
Ergonomics $49.00
Escape Respirators and SCSRs $49.00
Fall Prevention and Protection $49.00
Fire Extinguisher Safety $49.00
Fire Safety $49.00
First Aid for Common Injuries $49.00
First Aid for Emergencies $49.00
First Steps in All First Aid Situations $59.00
Formaldehyde Awareness $49.00
Hand and Power Tools $49.00
Hand Safety $49.00
Hazard Communication $49.00
Hearing Conservation $49.00
Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness $49.00
Ladder Safety $49.00
Laser Safety $49.00
Lead Awareness $49.00
Lockout Tagout $49.00
Pedestrian Safety $49.00
Personal Protective Equipment $49.00
Radiation Safety $49.00
Respirators $59.00
Storm Water Pollution Prevention $49.00

To see all of our titles, get more information and full product descriptions, visit our store at For more information about Convergence Training, visit our website at or send us an email at [email protected].

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