How New Asset Management Technology Simplifies Daily Checks and Other Mandatory Inspections


Fire, EMS and law enforcement agencies are built on a foundation of excellence, camaraderie and tradition. These are the types of organizations our society relies on to protect communities, ensure justice and uphold standards.

However, just as the nature of emergencies have changed over the years, public safety agencies have had to adapt in their emergency response – as have their technologies. What may have worked in the past, can now be inefficient or even ineffective in today’s fast-paced, more dangerous environments.

TargetSolutions Check It™ was designed for the unique inventory and asset tracking needs of the fire, EMS and law enforcement industries. This innovative application gives departments the flexibility and real-time accuracy needed to maintain essential resources.

Streamline Inspections with Mobile Technology

Available online or through the mobile application, TargetSolutions Check It™ provides first responders with a comprehensive inspection tracking solution.

Using the application, departments can perform routine inspections of apparatus, equipment, PPE, medical supplies and inventory stock with one, centralized tool. Customizable checklists make it simple to document inspections, track when they were done and oversee supplies.

Agencies can then access inspection history at any time. Using any web-enabled device, department leaders can log in to TargetSolutions Check It™ and ensure crucial resources are being checked regularly and correctly.

Identify Problems the Moment They Occur

Paper inventory checklists or Excel spreadsheets don’t cut it when it comes to tracking inventory or inspections. Discrepancies in stock levels or issues with equipment, such as a missing or broken CO tank, can easily fall through the cracks.

However, with TargetSolutions Check It™, your department will know the moment an issue occurs. Automatic alerts notify necessary personnel of upcoming expiration dates on controlled substances or equipment, required refills and other urgent events.

Once a problem or needed maintenance is identified, agencies can then open a service ticket and track work orders through the application. The Tickets module allows department members to monitor equipment or vehicles as they are taken out of service, undergo repairs and are put back in service.

Ensure Accountability and Centralize Communication

This asset and inspection tracking solution empowers employees to be accountable for every item essential to emergency response. Digital checklists improve transparency and identify who inspected which item, and when.

Additionally, generating a variety of reports takes just a few clicks. You can produce a report of past inspections, vehicle or equipment performance, inventory levels and more. Then, using this information, departments can make data-driven decisions to improve efficiency and maximize resources.

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