The IndustrySafe 6.1 Release Is Now Available!


The Vector Solutions team has been working hard to develop the upcoming IndustrySafe 6.1 Release, which is now available to customers! The 6.1 Release brings the ability to add custom fields to reports,  easier navigation to employees, and enhanced access for manager users. For more detailed information on our 6.1 Release, please take a look at our release notes.

Custom Fields on Reports

Much of the time and effort of developing the 6.1 Release has been to bring custom fields to all of our analysis grid log reports!

Custom fields on IndustrySafe Log Reports

IndustrySafe takes pride in being a highly configurable safety management system that can be adapted to safety programs big and small. While clients have been able to configure their recording forms as they please to capture the data that is most critical to them, reporting on that custom data has been cumbersome.

With the 6.1 update, there are now no limitations as clients are able to easily report on their custom fields to analyze the safety data most important to them. From reports of near misses featuring dropped objects to the physical size of a hazard, safety managers across the globe can now report on any data in IndustrySafe!

IndustrySafe Home Screen Employees Button

Easier Navigation to Employees

IndustrySafe's new design in our 6.0 Release brought a lot of changes to how users navigate the software. We've received a lot of feedback from clients, and one of the most requested comments was to make navigating to the employee summary screen easier.

IndustrySafe Employee Profile Screen

Per your requests, we've added a way to navigate to employees directly from the Home module, which is typically the first screen you will see upon login. We've also added a way to navigate back to the Employee Summary Screen from an employee's profile screen, for when administrators are going through multiple employee records at once.

Enhanced Reporting Access for Managers

As part of updating the analysis grid log reports to better allow users to report on their safety data, we have unlocked reporting features for Manager users. Previously, Manager users only had access to basic functions within our log reports. They now are able to add safety metric charts, cross-tabs, lists, formulas, and other custom reporting features.


Want to Know More?

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