The Top 10 Online Training Courses for Law Enforcement


TargetSolutions’ comprehensive, online Law Enforcement training catalog features more than 240 courses and covers crucial lessons for law enforcement professionals. These online training modules are designed to enhance field knowledge, reduce risk and maintain safety.

To highlight some of the most highly utilized courses and important topics, here are the top 10 courses in the law enforcement training catalog based on the total number of completions over the years.

Patrol – Mentally Ill Crisis Intervention provides officers with a repository of proven tactics and techniques to calmly and confidently diffuse potentially dangerous situations with mentally ill individuals.

Domestic Violence gives law enforcement officers an analysis examining the psychology and emotional aspects of domestic violence to help break the cycle of violence and identify crimes associated with domestic violence.

LE Bloodborne Pathogens Safety explains the requirements for complying with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) standard and provides practical information on the various diseases and protection strategies associated with bloodborne pathogens.

Use of Force equips officers with the knowledge of when to safely use authority to control a situation and covers the contrast of excessive and reasonable force, lawful limits of using force, and the use of force continuum.

Command – Core Competencies of Leadership highlights the skills and traits needed for an individual to perform as a successful leader such as honesty, integrity and forward-thinking.

Patrol – Verbal Judo touches on verbal techniques, with Dr. George Thompson, to reduce conflicts by placing emphasis on an officer’s vocal tone, pitch, and voice modulation.

Excessive Force examines excessive force incidents with an emphasis on prevention to sustain a safe trust between a law enforcement agency and the community it serves.

Officer Survival – De-escalating the Use of Force illustrates the dangers when de-escalation techniques are not a part of training. Lt. Dennis Smith demonstrates transition drills to stress de-escalation and shows a scenario where officers must use these techniques.

Corrections – Jail Suicides and Close Quarter Assaults examines how to implement an eight-step process to reduce the risk of suicide in facilities and steps for avoiding and responding to close-quarter sudden assaults.

Officer Survival – Use of Force Decision-Making is a two-part course, with Dave Smith and renowned defensive tactics expert Ed Nowicki, who examine everyday situations and appropriate responses.

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