Tips for Reducing Slip and Fall Incidents in Your Workplace


The U.S. Department of Labor reported that 15 percent of accidental deaths each year are due to injuries associated with falls. Employers should be vigilant about preventing slips in the workplace. Use these tips to keep these harmful accidents from occurring.

Choose floor cleaners wisely
You may be using an all-purpose cleaner on your floors, as these products tend to be extremely effective in removing stains. However, these types of disinfectants could actually be jeopardizing the safety of your workers. Occupational Health & Safety magazine noted that cleaners that aren’t made specifically for floors often leave surfaces slippery, which can increase the chances of someone taking a potentially fatal tumble.

Eliminate obstacles in hallways and walkways
Many falls are the result of cluttered walking areas. If people aren’t paying complete attention, they could trip over obstacles and end up seriously injuring themselves. Reliable Plant recommended establishing strict maintenance guidelines for removing excess items from areas that receive heavy foot traffic. 0sha-CTA


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