Tips for Selecting Online AEC Training & Continuing Ed.

Tips for Selecting Online AEC Training & Continuing Ed.

Vector Solutions is the leading name in online training and continuing education options for the architecture, engineering & construction industries.

Need job training options, including elearning courses? We've got 'em. Need a learning management system (LMS) to help you manage all your training and learning programs? We've got one specially built for your industry. Need live online learning courses to help keep professional certifications and licenses up-to-date and active? We offer 'em for you. We even have helpful tools to help you stay aware of key deadlines for continuing education and to help you find the most efficient, cost-effective, and quickest manner to complete continuing education to keep multiple credentials up to date. How nice is that?

To help your organization make the best online training and continuing education selection, we've pulled together a helpful Guide to Online AEC Training. We think this will really help you because it "sets the scene" and introduces a lot of the key considerations you should keep in mind when selecting and using online AEC training.

You can download the guide immediately below--just click that blue and green download button--but we've also included some tips for you to keep in mind in this article as well.

Tips for Selecting Online Training Activities and Tools for AEC Job Training & Continuing Education Purposes

Below are some highlights of what the Guide to Online AEC Training goes over in much more detail.

What Is Online Training Anyway?

It's a good idea to start with an understanding of the most basic questions. As the guide describes, online training can include a lot of different things. eLearning courses, live online learning (also called virtual instructor-led training, or VILT), mobile learning activities, microlearning, online learning not for "job training" but continuing education to gain or keep licenses and certifications valid, and more.

The online learning activities are key and get a lot of attention, but the learning management system (LMS) component is equally important, making it easier to assign training, deliver training, keep track of completion records, know about deadlines re: training and continuing education needs, and more.

Organization Learning and Online Training/Learning's Place Within Organizational Learning

Online training and learning are great, but they should be just a part of your organizational learning strategy. Think out your entire learning strategy and how online training and online tools for continuing education can contribute.

You can read more about learning organizations here and check out our interview with L&D professional Michelle Ockers on becoming a learning organization here.

The Importance of Blended Learning

Studies and meta-studies repeatedly show that blended learning provides more learning benefits than instructor-led training alone or elearning alone. Be sure your learning strategy makes use of effective learning blends, including face-to-face training, elearning, live virtual instructor-led training, videos, written materials, job shadowing and mentoring, and more.

Hey, speaking of blended learning, why not download our Blended Learning Solutions Guide, too?

Benefits of Training Programs & Online Training Programs for AEC Industries

The guide lists many benefits of training programs in general and online training/continuing education (to be more specific). These include benefits for the organization, for department & training managers, and for individual AEC employees. Read the guide and let us know what you think.

Create Your Selection Team for Finding Online AEC Training

You'll find a better match for your organization's learning needs if you build a diverse, cross-departmental selection team instead of going it alone. The guide gives more tips on this, but here's a quick tip: get employees involved in the selection process!

Selection Criteria for Online Learning Activities, LMSs, and Online AEC Training Providers

Finally, the guide provides some solid criteria to help you select the online learning activities, learning management system (LMS), and training/learning/continuing education providers that will best support your organizational learning, training, and continuing education needs.

We hope you found some of the brief tips in this article helpful and we invite you to contact us with any questions you may have at any time re: AEC training and continuing education. Let us know how we can help and have a great day!

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