Top 10 Blogs of 2019

Top 10 Blogs of 2019

What. A. Year.

2019 was a big year for Vector Solutions. And we loved sharing our weekly blogs with you.

To celebrate the end of 2019 – and the beginning of 2020 – we’ve compiled YOUR favorite blogs of the past year.

Happy New Year from our Vector Solutions family to yours!

2019 Predictions: Learning & Development Best Practices

“Because where once the future of eLearning seemed to rest squarely on the shoulder of burgeoning virtual reality, new-new technologies such as artificial intelligence and timeless favorites such as soft skills now seem poised to transform the eLearning and development landscape in the not-so-distant future. Additionally, we may see even more posturing for the top spot in the LMS market.”

Check out our 2019 predictions and how they stacked up to the real deal. 

Quality Assurance Testing for Courses

“When we were school-aged children, our teachers would constantly remind us to ‘check our work’ before handing in tests, quizzes and homework. Why? Because inevitably, there would be mistakes and oversights that could have easily been avoided had we taken the extra minute or two to recheck our work.

“Did we heed their advice? Not likely.

“Fast forward to adulthood, and not much has changed – except that we may now recognize and appreciate the need to ‘check our work.’

“Granted, quality assurance testing for eLearning courses may not be the sexiest task, especially as we gaze at the ever-so-temptingly-close finish line at the other side of that testing. But just one functionality failure is enough to impress upon us the importance of testing – if you don’t inspect what you expect, your work was nearly all for naught.”

Read more to learn how our three-tier quality assurance checklist can help you make sure your eLearning is hitting the mark.

Successful eLearning Tips for a Multigenerational Workforce

“Today’s workplaces are experiencing an unprecedented workforce intersection of four generations – Baby boomers, Gen X, Gen Y/Millennials, and Gen Z. And while this presents a unique dynamic that few get to experience, the differences among the generations can prove challenging to organizations seeking to keep their workforce trained and compliant.

“From what motivates them to what they demand from their careers, a multigenerational rift of disconnect threatens to dismantle any hopes for a unified workforce.

“But it doesn’t have to.”

Read more to learn about what makes each of these generations unique and what strategies to use to ensure employee training meets the needs of a unique and diverse workforce.

How Workplace Wellness Can Improve Mental Health

“More than ever, employees agree that mental health should be a priority to their employers, and therefore they seek out opportunities with organizations that support and encourage mental health wellness and a healthy work-life balance. In fact, according to a recent report, 85% of workers identified mental and emotional health benefits as a consideration when evaluating a new job opportunity.

“A positive work environment and healthy work-life balance can support employees’ mental health efforts and contribute overall to their lives.”

Read more to learn how organizations can improve the mental health and lives of their employees through policies, education and training, and additional resources. 

Vector Solutions CORE: Compliance & Certification

“Each tenet acts as a strategic piece of the C.O.R.E. puzzle that serves to optimize performance and bolster organizations with a workforce that is compliant, certified, prepared, safe, and efficient.

“Compliance and certification deliver continuing education and accreditation, while operational readiness ensures employee development and growth. Risk management provides safety improvements and reduces risks and claims, while efficiency improvement reduces asset downtime while bolstering process and workflow.”

Read more to learn how Vector’s total compliance and certification performance solutions help professionals earn and renew licenses, sharpen skills and advance careers through best-in-class continuing education and training.

Working at Vector Solutions is No Joke

“We have redesigned the Careers section of our website – and it officially launched today! Scream it from the mountain and rooftops, share it on your social media, and tell everyone you know – but not before you search for your forever career with us at Vector Solutions.”

Check out our Careers microsite and find out why working at Vector Solutions is no joke.

Skills that Pay the Bills: Most In-Demand Skills Hiring Managers Look For

“…the entirety of the global workforce is in the midst of a widespread workplace shift as artificial intelligence and widening skills gaps dramatically reimagine the landscape of the way we work.

“And in the U.S. workforce, skills gaps can range from a workforce newcomer with little or no on-the-job experience to an an established employee whose formal education and training haven’t kept pace with demanding industry changes and professional ecosystem evolutions.

“So while a recent report estimates 50 percent of today’s jobs are vulnerable to artificial intelligence, there are skills that hiring managers seek more than others in this modern world.”

Read more to find out which five skills are most in demand for the changing workplace. 

Vector Solutions Innovation Spotlight: Virtual Reality As A Safety Training Tool

“By now, most of us have heard the term ‘virtual reality’ in some capacity. Perhaps you’ve seen VR video game demos at your local electronics store or maybe you’ve even been lucky enough to experience a VR ride at an amusement park.

“However, there is much more at stake than fun and games when it comes to virtual reality. In fact, VR has countless real-world applications and is transforming many industries, from engineering, to health and medicine, to education.”

Read more to learn how Vector’s virtual reality applications are transforming safety training

5 Key Components of a Comprehensive L&D Program

“The global workforce has evolved over the last decade in response to an increasingly competitive professional landscape and the digital revolution of the workplace.

“But somewhat surprisingly, this move to a more digitized workplace has served to only highlight the importance of the human element of the workforce. In fact, research suggests that a very significant percentage of market capitalization is based on intangible assets – skilled employees, exceptional leadership, and knowledge.”

Read more to learn how to create a comprehensive L&D program.

Content Modernization: Everything You Need to Know

“By incorporating online courses into training regimens to make eLearning more dynamic, engaging and comprehensive, web-based instructional resources can cater to modern learners who have become accustomed to consuming content on digital devices, so adjusting to these shifts in demands more closely aligns with learner expectations.”

Read more to learn about five modern content delivery methods boasting exciting, new and virtually unlimited possibilities that meet learners exactly where they want it – at their fingertips, in the future.

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