Top Ten Things Overheard During Maintenance and Operations Conversations


(As Never Seen On David Letterman)

Dave Bertolini, Managing Principal of People and Processes, Inc. , says if your organization has heard one or more on this top 10 list, it’s time for more cross-training among your maintenance and operations team members.

  1. If a little grease is good isn’t a lot better?
  2. Honest I’ll enter in the parts taken as soon as the line is running again.
  3. Can you fix it now; it’s only a 10-minute job?
  4. I can fix just about anything with this adjustable wrench.
  5. I’m not sure what happened. I only turned that a little before it started smoking like that.
  6. Must be attributed to poor maintenance (as heard from operations).
  7. Must be attributed to improper operation (as heard from maintenance).
  8. Haven’t we done this job before? Sure wish we had entered Work Order information to gain a better understanding of how to do it again.
  9. Maybe if we run the line a lot faster we can still meet the production target (as heard from operations).
  10. Maybe if they let us have the line routinely we could keep it running routinely (as heard from maintenance). maintenance-CTA

Author Dave Bertolini is Managing Principal of People and Processes, Inc.

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