Training Liabilities 2014: Staying Out of the Danger Zone

If you would like to watch the webcast, Training Liabilities 2014: Staying Out of the Danger Zone, please go to Fire Engineering’s website and register to view a recording.
On Thursday, Sept. 25, TargetSolutions sponsored a special webcast by Fire Engineering. The 90-minute presentation, Training Liabilities 2014: Staying Out of the Danger Zone, was delivered by attorney and retired Deputy Fire Chief John Murphy, who offered tips on how to reduce exposure through effective firefighter training.
Murphy, who served 32 years as a career firefighter and now provides legal and consulting services for fire service leadership, drove home how critical it is for training officers to analyze risks in training, understand basic federal laws, incorporate best practices into , and implement an overall philosophy of safety during training.
Murphy defined training liability as any situation in which a fire department’s personnel are subject to litigation for actions or omissions during training instruction.
“Every lawsuit involves an allegation that some firefighter violated some legal standard set forth in a federal or state statute in a common-law doctrine,” said Murphy, who also discussed the importance of accurate recordkeeping in training management. Please click here to watch a recorded version of Murphy’s presentation.
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