Virginia Department Sees Huge Jump in Training Hours Logged with TargetSolutions’ Fire Department Software

“Prior to using TargetSolutions, we were logging about 100 hours of training each month,” Shrader said. “In our first month with the TargetSolutions system, we recorded about 500 hours.”
The increased efficiencies and recordkeeping with TargetSolutions further exposed the flaws of attempting to manually log employee training records and other compliance-related documents, Shrader said. Eliminating endless paperwork with fire department software has benefited the department. In the past, Martinsville found it difficult to keep everything organized.
“Records were everywhere,” said Shrader. “Files could be in a cabinet at one station one day and at the other station the next. There were tons and tons of paperwork.”
Not only did Shrader and the rest of the department realize how much firefighter training was slipping through the cracks and going unreported, but the use of TargetSolutions’ web-based fire courses and recordkeeping also helped expedite the reporting process.
“It used to take days to compile and record training information for the month,” said Shrader. “Now, I can gather the same information in about five minutes.”
With TargetSolutions, recording and reporting important information like daily apparatus checks is simplified. Taking a smartphone or other tablet device to inspections gives Martinsville’s personnel immediate access to TargetSolutions’ convenient online fire department software.
“If someone is checking a truck and there’s a deficiency, they can fill out the form on the iPad, click ‘Submit,’ and it goes directly to the supervisor,” said Shrader. “Before we used TargetSolutions, sometimes the report wouldn’t make it to the supervisor.”
Martinsville is excited to put TargetSolutions’ fire department ISO solution to work in preparation for its next ISO inspection. TargetSolutions’ ready-made ISO templates are designed to give ISO exactly what it needs when analyzing training reports. Shrader is confident the ISO tracking solution will simplify the entire process.
“I can’t even begin to figure how long it took to calculate ISO hours,” Shrader said. “With TargetSolutions, I can click a few buttons and it’s done. I’ve already got folks who have completed their yearly ISO activities. I’ve never had that happen before.
“As we continue to build (the TargetSolutions platform) out, it’s going to get even better. I can’t even begin to think about how much time it’s going to save.”
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