TargetSolutions’ New Webinar Explores Fundamentals of Cyber Security Training

Did you know $158 was the average cost incurred for every lost or stolen record containing sensitive and confidential information in 2016? In the case of a breach, where potentially thousands of an organization’s records can be compromised, that $158 can balloon to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in aggressively mounting security expenses.

TargetSolutions recently hosted a 13-minute webinar, How to Protect Your Public Entity for Cyber Threats with TargetSolutions, which analyzes cyber threats and dives into solutions to help bolster your organization’s security training.

Delivered by TargetSolutions' Senior Account Manager Amy Albanese, the webcast’s relatively compact 13-minute run-time is packed with the essentials of corporate IT and security, including: monetary and intangible costs associated with security breaches, the ongoing and impending threat of security breaches, the importance of security and cyber threats training, and most importantly, an overview of the robust training library provided by TargetSolutions.

“The training we provide will help your IT professionals learn something new or close a skills gap," said Albanese. "This training can be referenced at the point of need – when something unexpected happens or when they are working on a live project.”

When TargetSolutions’ parent company, Vector Solutions, acquired LearnSmart in December 2016, the platform received an infusion of IT and cyber security training courses.

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