[Webinar Recap] Legal and Ethical Issues Involving Paraeducator Employment, Supervision, and Training

Missed our webinar? No problem! Watch the recording to learn more about the important legal and ethical issues involving paraeducator employment, supervision, and training that administrators should be prepared to address as paraeducators play an increasingly important role in the education of students with exceptionalities.

On April 12th, Dr. Kent Gerlach, nationally recognized for his contributions, research, and publications on paraeducator issues, shared background on how the roles of the paraeducator and the teacher have changed over time, explored some of the significant issues surrounding paraeducators, reviewed what ESSA says about paraeducator professional development, and explained parents’ right to know how paraeducators will be involved in their child’s education.  Dr. Gerlach also explored questions that need to be raised in your district, such as how the roles and responsiblities of paraeducators and their supervising teachers are defined and what type of professional development is provided to paraeducators.

Kent Gerlach has authored Let’s Team Up: A Checklist for Teachers, Paraeducators and Principals and co-authored Supervising Paraeducators in Educational Settings and Paraeducators in the Schools. Kent is the author of two online professional development courses from Exceptional Child, Paradeducator Roles and Responsibilities, and Supervising Paraeducators. He has also served as consultant to the Council for Exceptional Children, National Education Association, American Speech and Hearing Association, IDEA Partnerships, Recruiting Teachers, Inc. and National Directors of Special Education. Kent is Professor Emeritus in the School of Education and Kinesiology at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington, conducts professional development workshops for teachers, paraeducators and administrators throughout the United States and Canada and is a frequent presenter at educational conferences.

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