Prevention Podcast, Season 2, Episode 29: Managing Risk In The Age of Mass Shootings

DAN VERTON, Director of Content & Branding

With the latest mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, which killed a total of 29 people in less than 24 hours, 2019 is now on pace to average more than one mass shooting per day in the United States.

Managing this risk seems more and more impossible with each horrible incident. And while we’ve been here before, something has changed. There are now valid questions about whether or not we can prevent these incidents given the current climate in the country. What does this mean for risk managers and chief security officers tasked with preventing and mitigating the impact of violence in and around their organizations?

On this episode of The Prevention Podcast, we’ve convened a panel of experts to help guide risk and security professionals as they grapple with making sense of this urgent issue.

Guests: Ed Davis, former Commissioner, Boston Police Department and President & CEO of Edward Davis LLC.

Mark Sullivan, former 22nd Director of the U.S. Secret Service.

Benjamin Mannes, security, investigations and compliance expert.

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