Prevention Podcast: Season 3, Ep. 15 — Mental Health: A Disturbance In The Enterprise & Educational Workforces


America has been dealing with a perfect storm of crises — the COVID-19 pandemic, joblessness and economic disruption, and widespread social unrest. Now, as employers and schools rush to reopen, leaders must be ready for unprecedented amounts of mental health challenges to make their way into the workplace.

In this episode of the Prevention Podcast, we explore the mental health challenges and mitigation strategies that companies and educational institutions must be prepared to address.

Guest: Dr. Tyler Arvig, PsyD, LP, Associate Medical Director, R3 Continuum. Dr. Arvig has more than 13 years of domestic and international experience in behavioral health workplace absence, and is an expert in the field of workplace behavioral health and workplace trauma recovery.

LiveSafe · Season 3, Ep.15: Mental Health – A Disturbance in The Workforce

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