November 8 2021

OSHA’s New COVID ETS Published in Federal Register

Quick note: A US Federal appeals court has put a temporary stay or hold on this new OSHA COVID ETS, so things may change as the legal systems works through these issues.  According to a November 4, 2021 OSHA press…

October 1 2021

Federal Mandate on COVID Vaccinations at Work

As you may already know, the US federal government recently announced a new COVID vaccine mandate that will affect many workers. More recently, news has appeared that enforcement of the new mandate for federal workers will begin on November 9,…

August 31 2021

Staying Safe Remains a Priority as Vegas Conference Carries…

Las Vegas casinos are rolling in big profits amid sorting out the ever-evolving updates on COVID-19 and the Delta variant. Casinos on The Strip raked in $794 million in revenue for July, while the state of Nevada generated even more.…

August 17 2021

Vector Solutions’ New Coronavirus Course & Upcoming Webinars: LiveSafe,…

In any workplace or profession, it’s important to continually learn new skills to stay relevant and ready for change as processes evolve and societies innovate. For casinos, it’s essential to always be informed on current compliance regulations, policies, and laws.…

Press Releases
August 16 2021

Vector Solutions Launches Complimentary Training on COVID-19 Variants

Training Included in Vector’s Coronavirus Resource Center TAMPA, FL - August 16, 2021 - Vector Solutions, the leading provider of industry-focused software solutions for training, risk management, safety, and prevention, has launched the latest online training course in its Coronavirus…

Success Stories
July 1 2021

Health Care: Enforcing COVID-19 Policies

The Solution A health care worker noticed that people were congregating by the entrance of the hospital without wearing masks. There were also children near the elevators without masks on. The worker was concerned due to the presence of COVID-19…

May 29 2021

“New View” of Safety Basics: Complexity, Variability, and Procedures

We recently created a guide to some newer thoughts in safety—this includes things like HOP, Safety Differently, Safety-II, HPI, resilience engineering, and more. If you’re a safety professional, you’ll probably find this Guide to Practicing ‘New Safety’ interesting….go ahead and…

May 28 2021

“New View” of Safety Basics: What Is Local Rationality?

We recently compiled and published a guide to “new views” of safety—things like human and organizational performance (HOP), safety differently, safety-II, resilience engineering, and human performance improvement (HPI). That guide includes 29 safety professionals from around the world explaining what…

May 25 2021

OSHA, COVID & Ventilation Suggestions

As the COVID-19 pandemic has gone on, we’ve learned a lot. You may recall that in the early days of the pandemic, we didn’t really know how it passed from person to person. Was it spread purely through larger respiratory…