Vector Solutions Launches Higher Education Campus Climate Survey Tool To Help Institutions Prepare for New Department of Education Survey Release in 2023

Vector Solutions Launches Higher Education Campus Climate Survey Tool To Help Institutions Prepare for New Department of Education Survey Release in 2023

Vector Solutions Releases Campus Climate Survey Deployment Tool to Meet VAWA Reporting Requirements on Dating and Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, and Stalking

Tampa, FL – January 24, 2023Today, Vector Solutions, the leading provider of software solutions and data insights that elevate higher education institutions’ compliance and prevention strategies,   announced the release of a new campus climate survey tool in conjunction with the latest Department of Education initiative. Vector Solutions’ Campus Climate Survey for Higher Education will enable colleges and universities to easily administer surveys in order to be in compliance with The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). This law requires colleges and universities receiving federal funding to administer surveys to students every two years on the topics of dating and domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and stalking. Vector’s deployment tool will come preloaded with the Department of Education’s new survey instrument when it’s released later this year.

Vector Solutions’ Campus Climate Survey for Higher Education tool integrates with the existing Vector Solutions learning management system (LMS), allowing administrators to provide a scalable, impactful and cost-effective way to deploy the survey to students. Additionally, the solution enables administrators to:  

  • Share additional insights: Attach an introductory letter to the campus community for context on the survey and why it matters.
  • Personalize surveys: Add institution-specific questions as approved by the Department of Education. 
  • Bolster Participation: Track response rates and schedule reminders for students to complete the survey so data is more reflective of the student body as a whole. 
  • Compile Reporting Efforts: Export survey data and generate reports based on Department of Education requirements. 

“Understanding the sense of student attitudes, behaviors, and experiences is a critical first step of a comprehensive approach to prevention,” said Rob Buelow, Head of Product in Education at Vector Solutions. “With access to prevention-based training, students can take part in creating a safer and more inclusive learning environment, and now administrators have a seamless method to gather those insights.”

Vector Solutions is committed to driving long-lasting change on critical issues facing students, faculty, and staff. Their Campus Climate Survey tool leverages subject matter expertise and proven technology from a name colleges can trust, giving administrators and students alike peace of mind.

You can learn more about the Vector Solutions’ Campus Climate Survey tool here


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