A Vector Solutions' Higher Education Success Story

Fairmont State University Fulfills Title IX Training Requirements with Help from Vector Solutions

Fairmont State University, with a 120-acre main campus in Fairmont, West Virginia, is part of the state's growing high technology corridor. With a long history of academic excellence, FSU is a place where teaching and learning matters and students are the first priority. The university is home to more than 4,200 students and 300 staff members.

Before adopting the Vector LMS, Higher Education platform (formerly the SafeColleges Training System), FSU hosted in-person training twice a year at two different locations, but achieving 100% attendance and tracking uncompleted and completed training proved difficult and time consuming.

And, switching to a Title IX online training provider only proved to be equally time consuming and offered limited training options. Administrators knew they needed to find a training solution that would be more efficient, cost-effective, and convenient for staff and students.  









Cynthia S. Curry

Assistant Vice President of Human Resources

"Our staff and students love that Vector LMS, Higher Education platform (formerly the SafeColleges Training System) courses are concise and to-the-point. The system is user-friendly and intuitive, and the compliance reports are just what we need!"

Now in its second year using the Vector LMS, Higher Education platform, FSU administers its mandatory Title IX training to a large group of employees and students quickly and easily. Supervisors can also assign job-specific training to each department, as needed, throughout the academic year.

Staff and students can complete assigned courses online, 24/7, from any web-enabled device, making it easy for training to fit into their busy schedules. And, FSU can easily pull compliance reports to see who has taken mandatory courses and send reminders to those still needing to complete the training.

In fact, using the training system, FSU has already reached 75% compliance! Now FSU better manages compliance and saves valuable time.

Group of college students sitting at table in library and studying together.

We applaud Cynthia and the staff and students at FSU for their success with Vector LMS, Higher Education platform (formerly the SafeColleges Training System), and for their commitment to creating a safer learning environment and campus community.

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