Forsyth Technical Community College Case Study

Forsyth Technical Community College Case Study

Forsyth Technical Community College

Course Customization Offered More Flexibility with Training

Driving Towards a More Digital Campus, Forsyth Tech Adopts the SafeColleges Online Training System

Improves Compliance Rate to 95%

Forsyth Technical Community College, in Winston Salem, North Carolina, offers students flexible, educational pathways to the competitive workforce. The university is home to more than 12,000 students and 1,000 staff members across eight locations.

Forsyth Tech adopted the SafeColleges Training System to help administrators track mandatory employee compliance training. They have mixed their use of the system with the content in SafeColleges Training and their own customized content, including their handbook acknowledgement.

This has enabled Forsyth Tech to move from a paper driven world to an electronic one, which is the direction it wants to go.









"SafeColleges Training is a dynamic platform at a great price with well-designed content by field experts. It offers a fully automated email system using LDAP with completely exportable data."

Ann M. Everett
Coordinator, Talent & Knowledge Development

Even though they assigned their employees more training than ever before, they had over a 95% completion rate within the first year of using the system!

Forsyth Tech also utilizes LDAP with their Active Directory so their user data is automatically updated. Employees love that they can access SafeColleges Training courses from any mobile device, and how intuitive the system is to use.

We applaud Forsyth Tech for their success with SafeColleges Training and for their commitment to creating a safer campus community.

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