University of Mary Case Study

University of Mary Case Study

University of Mary

A Case Study from a Global Campus

Reinforcing Critical Higher Education Topics Increases Campus Safety and Savings

Receives 20% Reduction in Insurance Premium

The University of Mary is located in Bismarck, North Dakota, but stretches between states and countries, with campuses in five different states and two different countries - infusing Benedictine values throughout.

In 2017, the university had a population of 4,400 full-time students and 400 employees. Administrators needed a more efficient solution for compliance and safety training than relying solely on in-person training by subject-matter experts.

After learning about the SafeColleges Training System at a conference, administrators decided to implement the web-based system to see how it could improve its current training practices.









"If another Higher Education administrator asked me about SafeColleges Training, my response would be...what are you waiting for?"

Bonnie Dahl
Director of Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator

With responsibilities as the Director of Human Resources and the Title IX Coordinator, Bonnie Dahl was excited that she could rely on SafeColleges Training courses because they are written by experts with ample experience in the course topic, which provided reassurance that the training she was offering was correct and valued.

In addition, the university received positive feedback from employees about the courses and training system.

The university also relies heavily on the tracking and reporting mechanisms within the SafeColleges Training System, because if they are ever audited, the reports and data can be pulled in real-time to be presented. In fact, the university was delighted to receive a 20% reduction in its insurance premium last year!

We're proud to work with Bonnie and the team at the University of Mary. We applaud their commitment to making sure all their campuses, no matter the geography, are even more compliant and safer for all students and employees!

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