Utilize our Vector LMS & Training Platform to drive effective change at your institution through a variety of intuitive features.

Our Vector LMS & Training Platform includes a variety of intuitive features that can help you drive effective change at your institution, such as automation, advanced assessments, course customization, and reporting. It was designed to significantly reduce the amount of time spent by administrators on managing faculty, staff, and student education and training. Implementation is fast and easy, and your custom training system can be set up in just a few hours.

Advanced Assessments

Select the assessment type that best matches your goals:

  • Post-Assessment - Measure user retention of topic with an assessment after the course.
  • Pre- and Post-Assessment - Measure user knowledge gain from before and after the course.
  • Test Out - Users can bypass an assigned course if their knowledge of the course content is greater than the minimum set by the administrator.


Intuitive features reduce training administration time:

  • Notifications and Reminders - The system automatically notifies employees and/or students of their training assignments and sends reminders for outstanding assignments as well.
  • Training Plans - Easily set up training plans by individual, position, location, or even groups (such as new hires or first year students), so you can efficiently implement training on an annual or multi-year basis.
  • Course Completions - Course completions are tracked by individual, position, or building with time stamps and progress documented.

Course Customization

Customize courses to fit your campus culture and institutional values:

  • Customize Our Courses / Build Your Own Courses - Our courses can be easily customized in a number of ways to add pertinent campus information. Need a creative way to deliver new information to faculty, staff, and students? Build your own custom course in our system!
  • Build Course Plans - Our platform provides administrators an easy way to build course plans, which can include any number of courses and customizations to allow for an easy user experience.
  • Deliver Policy Acknowledgements - Our LMS & Training platform allows you to require verification of users' understanding of institutional policies.

Tracking and Comprehensive Reporting

Training Data is Tracked Every Step of the Way

  • Real-Time Tracking - The Administrator Dashboard displays real-time user training statistics.
  • Benchmarking - Analyze users' retention of topics via assessments before and after completion of course(s).
  • Extract Aggregate Reports - Receive compliance, prevention, and safety reports directly in your inbox to keep you informed on training status.


Our compliance and safety courses are SCORM-compliant and can be administered through a variety of LMSs.

Provide faculty and staff with engaging courses written by industry experts and handle all tracking and reporting in one convenient LMS.


What Our Customers Say

"Vector LMS & Training is a dynamic platform at a great price with well-designed content by field experts. You can also add custom content and policies, such as PDFs with policy acknowledgements that are captured in reports. All this and the customer service is excellent, too! I'm hooked!"

Ann Everett

Coordinator, Talent & Knowledge, Forsyth Technical Community College

"We chose the Vector LMS & Training platform because it's a user-friendly program. The courses are thorough without being too lengthy. And, the system automatically tracks training completions, which saves our department so much time and manpower."

Haven David

Director of Human Resources, Vernon College

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