Real Estate Investment Trust: COVID-19 Safety

Real Estate Investment Trust: COVID-19 Safety

The Customer

This REIT is an S&P 400 real estate investment trust with a high-growth portfolio of approximately 11 million square feet of space including commercial office space, residential buildings, and some retail properties. This company has over 1,000 employees and an annual revenue of over $600 million.

The Situation

The contract security officers utilize the LiveSafe Mobile Platform for tenant tip reporting and silent dispatch to officers at each property. Following the COVID-19 outbreak, many of the REIT’s properties suddenly had a lower tenant population due to lockdowns and work from home policies, increasing the risk of break-ins, trespassing, and threatened officer safety. The company needed a strategy to maintain a high level of oversight and safety as their security protocols changed.

The Solution

Utilizing the LiveSafe application, security officers can proactively communicate with the Security Operations Center in real time to ensure appropriate oversight and minimize the number of incoming phone calls. Security officers also use SafeWalk to increase safety for patrolling officers.

The Result

Enhancing their usage of the LiveSafe Mobile App allowed the REIT to adapt their security model in response to decreased tenants. Utilizing LiveSafe for security communications and SafeWalk has increased officer safety and optimized usage of available resources to keep properties safe as threats change.

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