Vector Solutions: Facilitating Cybersafety

Vector Solutions: Facilitating Cybersafety

About Vector Solutions

Vector Solutions is the leading provider of award-winning, intelligent SaaS solutions. Vector LiveSafe, a Vector Solutions risk management offering, is the leading mobile platform for two-way safety and security communications, emergency notifications, and community-sourced risk intelligence.

The Situation

Since Vector Solutions employees regularly communicate via email, they try to remain aware of potential cyber threats, such as unauthorized requests for information. One day, a Vector Solutions team member received an email that appeared to be from their CEO but had suspicious sender information that indicated that it was a phishing scam. After reporting the email, this team member wanted to ensure that other employees were aware of the scam and were practicing email security best practices.

The Solution

Vector Solutions had previously deployed the Vector LiveSafe Platform to facilitate ongoing workplace safety and gather actionable risk insights, so after receiving this phishing email, this team member submitted a tip using the mobile app. They included a screenshot of the email and explained why it was suspicious.

The Result

After receiving the team member’s tip, Vector Solutions shared the phishing concern with the company’s IT department for investigation. They then sent a companywide Broadcast message alerting employees to the scam and advising them to exercise caution. This helped Vector Solutions improve their cybersafety practices and protect their employees and data.

Research has found that 96% of social engineering attacks are delivered by email and 36% of data breaches involved phishing in 2021.

- Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report

Want to Know More?

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