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February 2, 2023

6 Dynamic Ways Law Enforcement Can Simplify Shift Scheduling


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Special Override


Staffing for a mission-critical workforce can be a daunting task. Managing schedules for multiple patrol beats, shifts, and roles, maintaining overtime compliance, ensuring union and labor policies are met, responding to critical events … it’s a lot.  

In this special presentation, Doug Kazensky-former law enforcement officer and Training Sargeant with 20+ years of service-identified 6 dynamic ways law enforcement agencies can simplify their shift scheduling while saving time, effort, and headaches. 

We discussed how to:

  • Maintain a ready & compliant workforce
  • Gain better insights into staffing needs across multiple roles, shifts, and patrol beats
  • Manage schedules on-the-fly
  • Simplify overtime hiring while abiding by labor agreements
  • Direct court, training, & secondary employment situations
  • Automate payroll process and reduce administrative time

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