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February 21, 2024

6 Ways Automated Callbacks Can Be a Gamechanger for Law Enforcement


Law Enforcement


Vector LMS and Training Management

When every second counts, the operational readiness of your people is critical. Optimizing your shifts require careful coordination, consideration, flexibility, and accuracy. Using pen and pad, spreadsheets, or software that was not designed to address the unique scheduling needs of public safety can be inefficient, inaccurate, and time-consuming.

With the continued challenge of short staffing and overtime needs, efficient scheduling is an absolute necessity. Automated callbacks can be a game changer for your agency.

Join us as retired law enforcement officers and seasoned trainers, Doug Kazensky and Darrin Sargent, share their expertise and show 6 different examples on how to leverage automated callbacks to simplify, scale, and expedite the shift-filling process.

You’ll learn how to use automated callbacks for:

  • Short-staffing in different types of situations
  • Emergency callbacks
  • Special events
  • Court and special duty

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