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February 28, 2024

Essential Technology for Public Safety Academy Operations


Law Enforcement


Vector LMS and Training Management

Your public safety academy technology is an important component to the classes you deliver and the people you train. Your staff and students benefit from modern technology that can easily automate your systems and adapt to new requirements and mandates.

In this special webinar presentation, we’ll discuss how the Acadis® Readiness Suite can revolutionize your academy’s training operations, save significant time and effort, and keep your data secure and legally defensible.

In one integrated system, learn how you can:

  • Deliver self-paced training online anytime and anywhere
  • Track and manage both online and in-person training
  • Design and automate tests for every need, including written, online, and skill tests
  • Simplify your academy’s class schedule logistics by automatically assigning resources
  • Automate registration and provide self-service access to training courses, results, and past records

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