How to Ensure Your Federal Team is Ready to Respond to High-Risk Situations

How to Ensure Your Federal Team is Ready to Respond to High-Risk Situations

Webinar Overview

In complex, high-risk situations, your team has fractions of a second to make life-or-death decisions. Testing is critical to measure their readiness. And with the increased need to combat cheating and ensure testing integrity, agencies are forced to move away from traditional paper-based testing and toward purpose-built technologies designed to deliver a more complete perspective of their team’s capabilities.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how the Acadis Readiness Suite can help your unique federal agency manage testing and readiness in all environments, including online, observed and field tests—along with legally defensible audit trails and FedRAMP security.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Define testing rules and rely on templates to quickly develop new tests, securely add or update test questions, and administer tests online.
  • Develop learning objectives for effective testing practices that ensure your curricula is aligned to training goals—and that your training goals are aligned with your organizational directives.
  • Utilize randomization features to ensure that no two tests administered present the questions in the same order.
  • Use the Acadis Mobile App to conduct field testing in any environment. Sync your data later once data connectivity is available.
  • Automatically transfer online and observed tests (including physical skill assessments) to personal records.

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