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April 7, 2022

Tools for Managing Front-Line Compassion Fatigue


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Learn How Guardian Tracking and Vector’s Training and Workforce Solutions Can Help Keep Morale High in Tough Times

Are you concerned about your first responders experiencing compassion fatigue and what you can do to help? Many first responders experience compassion fatigue when caring for patients who have gone through extreme trauma or critical incidents. Overlooking related symptoms, such as irritability, anger, and isolation, can negatively impact behavioral wellness, which can affect performance and motivation.

It’s important for your agency to have a behavioral health program and peer support personnel in place to identify trending behaviors and enable supervisors to make the best decision on how to help members in need.

Watch this webinar to learn how Vector Solutions’ suite of solutions can support your department’s strategies to manage compassion fatigue and safeguard the wellbeing of your most important asset-your first responders.

During the on-demand webinar presentation, we’ll cover:

  • How Guardian Tracking’s unique Early Intervention system can help protect the health and wellbeing of your first responders
  • How to identify first responders who might need additional mental health support 
  • How to administer and track behavioral health training through Vector LMS
  • How to ensure peer support personnel are staffed to support members