Reduce Administrative Work And Improve Records With Vector Scheduling

Reduce Administrative Work And Improve Records With Vector Scheduling

The Brookfield Police Department, serving the City of Brookfield, Wisconsin, currently has approximately 70 sworn officers working on three shifts. The city, located in Waukesha County, has a population of over 39,000 and is part of the Milwaukee metropolitan area. 

While the officers are the face of the department, they depend on those working behind the scenes to handle the administrative work so they can focus on protecting and serving the community.

Janice Bobholz, Director of Services, and Tammy Sherman, Payroll Clerk, are two of these essential office staff. Day in and day out, the two handle crucial administrative duties that keep the department running smoothly, including scheduling and payroll.

Software That Saves Time And Boosts Communication

Prior to implementing Vector Scheduling, the department used Excel spreadsheets and paper rosters to handle their scheduling and payroll systems. Before that, they used another program but found it lacked features they needed to be successful. 

When choosing a new solution, the department focused on value, ultimately deciding to move forward with Vector Scheduling because they wanted “more for less,” according to Janice. 

Vector Scheduling crew scheduler dashboard

Since implementing the program, communication and transparency regarding employee scheduling has increased dramatically. With 24/7 always available access to their schedules, vacation balances, and other important information, the number of questions Janice and Tammy are receiving from officers has drastically reduced, ultimately saving them time and letting them focus on other crucial tasks. 

“I think communication has improved greatly. No one is running around saying, ‘who’s with who?’ or ‘when did that happen?’ It’s been way better,” Janice said of the communication at the department.

Tammy, who helped implement the system, added that the platform has made identifying officers with special training or qualifications much easier.

“We set up the system so when you scroll over someone’s name, you can see their phone number in case you need to call them right away. You can see their specialized positions or training, such as being a DARE officer or a field training officer. The officers in charge like that feature,” she said.

Ensure Accuracy for Payroll and Reports

With Vector Scheduling, Tammy can quickly and easily export payroll data in the required format, improving the accuracy of the department’s payroll system.

Vector Scheduling Shift Management Tammy utilizes many of the reporting features in her position, particularly for keeping track of Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) data. 

“I use Vector Scheduling all the time for FMLA reports...the records match right up to what comes out of our payroll system,” Tammy said. 

By ensuring the accuracy of their payroll and scheduling-related reports, the solution cuts down on the amount of time Tammy, Janice, and other administrators spend compiling and double-checking data. Vector Scheduling frees admins from endless hours of painstaking manual paperwork and empowers them to devote their focus to supporting the police officers that keep their community safe.

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