Vector Scheduling

Solve daily scheduling challenges and simplify even the most complex employee management tasks with Vector Scheduling. Ensure shift coverage and improve employee satisfaction with this customizable and fully automated workforce management scheduling software.

Simple, Powerful Scheduling Software

Ensure shift coverage and easily manage overtime hours, emergency rehires, and shift trading. With Vector Scheduling, you can implement intelligent rules to eliminate conflicts, determine tie-breakers, place employees on multiple rotating lists, and more.

Shift Coverage

Easily alert employees of open shifts and watch in real time as staff members respond to meet coverage needs.

Improve Communication

Respond to needs quickly in both emergencies and everyday situations using the mobile app or any web-enabled device.

Team Satisfaction

Improve visibility into scheduling rules and processes to eliminate confusion and reduce employee dissatisfaction with less desirable shifts.

Simplify Everyday Shift Scheduling

Say goodbye to scheduling headaches with Vector’s centralized workforce management scheduler. Use the mobile app to access and update schedules anytime.

Streamline Employee Scheduling

Improve accessibility, reduce redundancy, and make real-time adjustments with a centralized scheduling solution.

  • Oversee shifts from any web-enabled device. 
  • Make adjustments easily with intuitive dashboards. 
  • Automatically generate personal employee calendars.
  • Designate auto-accept and unavailability periods.
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Manage Backfill and Time Off

Improve transparency and reduce grievances with automated solutions to manage callbacks, time-off requests, and shift changes.

  • Automate callbacks with intelligent rules.
  • Filter responses and approvals based on qualifiers.
  • Simplify shift changes with self-maintaining trade boards.
  • Track balances due and owed with a built-in ledger.
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Track Trends with Flexible Reporting

Create detailed reports to support data-based decision-making and comply with union and labor regulations.

  • Track data for payroll, overtime, callbacks, and more.
  • Export reports to monitor key metrics.
  • Reduce fatigue-related accidents by monitoring work hours.
  • Maintain historical records to meet union requirements.
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