Vector LiveSafe for
Local Government

Formerly LiveSafe

Mitigate safety and security threats with our secure risk intelligence communications technology for government employees and contractors.

Vector LiveSafe connects your entire workforce to coordinate faster responses to security threats and incidents. Enable your employees to quickly submit information directly to security, access important safety and security resources, and improve your ability to communicate important safety and security information to your organization on a real-time basis.



LiveSafe dashboard and mobile app (rebrand)
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Improve Incident Response

Real-time tips means you can act quickly and knowledgeably to keep everyone safe


Reduce Your Liability Exposure

Spot and stop hazardous situations before they happen through mobile tip submission


Secure Communications

Our trusted, secure infrastructure is fully Systems and Organization Controls 2 (SOC 2) compliant  and all personal information is encrypted

Secure Risk Intelligence Communications

Risk reporting and monitoring to mitigate security threats and help prevent costly incidents.

Build to Your Structure

Create multiple organizations for unique agency structures, workflows, and business processes. Employees can be organized by department, location, and other attributes and can be easily re-configured to adapt to organizational changes.

Vector LiveSafe also has the flexibility to stand up distinct implementations for disparate stakeholders that are important to the agency (e.g. contractors, vendors, visitors, etc.).

It delivers custom risk categories, resources, and in-app branding options that allow for contextually relevant experiences.

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Seamless Integration for Enhanced Analytics

Government agencies have invested heavily in protecting the integrity of their enterprise systems, their assets, and their people. Vector LiveSafe does not require agencies to unravel existing systems, but can be easily and seamlessly integrated, with no incremental hardware or headcount investment.

Once fully operational, use Vector LiveSafe to detect emerging risk trends and review data-driven recommendations to take preventative action.

Fast & Easy Management of Security Communications

Vector LiveSafe can be used a central location for access to critical safety information across a broad range of safety and risk categories.

Connect security professionals across departments to share information over a private and secure network. Frontline workers can report safety and security tips and receive instruction on what to do.

The system can even be used as an emergency broadcast notification system to alert nearby workers.

LiveSafe dashboard-open tip-laptop
LiveSafe certifications

Trusted, Secure Infrastructure

LiveSafe is built on the trusted, secure Amazon Web Service (AWS) platform and has met the exacting standards necessary to be SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and Safety Act certified, so you’ll know your data is private and secure.

AWS is a SOC 2 compliant data center and provides LiveSafe Customers with the latest SOC 2 Type 2 report upon request. LiveSafe is fully Systems and Organization Controls 2 (SOC 2) compliant and regularly conducts an independent third-party monthly audit to ensure focus on the security, availability, and privacy compliance aspects of the system.

LiveSafe has also been granted the highest level of Certification (“Certified”) by the Department of Homeland Security’s SAFETY Act Office for maintaining the highest standards of excellence in terms of performance and availability as well as privacy and system integrity compliance.

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