CareSafely Is Becoming Vector Solutions

Enabling senior care providers to strengthen their quality and safety programs.

Risk and Compliance Software Solution


Managing a professional Quality, Safety, Compliance (QSC) program with disjointed and manual processes creates quality gaps, safety risks, and compliance liability.

The CareSafely QSC management software provides an integrated, 360° view of QSC programs and drive quality and safety behaviors like:

    • Assess and track all QSC risks
    • Cut wasted admin time by 50%
    • Identify high-risk staff early
    • Limit compliance & legal risks


    • Amplify safety commitment
    • Remediate risks & gaps
    • Drive safety and quality standards
    • Analyze QSC program

Designed for:

Senior Care


Build your brand standard while maintaining safe and clean communities with digital QSC checks.

School Districts


Protect your students and teachers with weekly door audits and safety checks across all district campuses


In September 2021, Vector Solutions acquired CareSafely, a software and content platform for senior living and long-term care providers to strengthen their Quality, Safety, and Compliance (QSC) programs. The addition of CareSafely to Vector Solutions supports Vector's mission to serve everyday heroes by delivering intelligent software solutions that empower them to make safer, smarter, and better decisions.

Same Mission. Larger Impact.

Assess Quality, Safety & Compliance

Paper or spreadsheet-based assessments and mock surveys identify risks but are difficult to score, analyze, and benchmark. And identified risks do not automatically drive corrective action workflows.

CareSafely's assessment platform enables your team to administer, score, benchmark, and analyze assessments with ease. The assessments also initiate corrective action workflows to ensure all risks are tracked and remediated.



Remediate QSC Risks & Gaps

Addressing QSC risks with manual corrective action processes (emails, phone calls, and meetings) wastes a tremendous amount of time and effort to get closure. And often, the corrective action "falls through the cracks". CareSafely automates the entire corrective action workflow so that:

  • Every corrective action is assigned and tracked
  • Overdue action items are alerted
  • Exact status of every action plan across the organization is visible in real-time
  • Completed steps are documented with photos, notes, and attachments
  • Assignors can see completion proof and then close

Analyze QSC Performance

By digitizing assessments, action plans, and staff competency checks, the CareSafely platform captures 100% of your QSC data. This data is instantly available on real-time dashboards and reports to provide a "mission-control" view of QSC initiatives to community/regional management, corporate quality/risk/compliance teams, and executive leadership.

  • Gain insights and identify high-risk staff and locations
  • Enable regional and corporate quality/compliance to actively monitor local initiatives
  • Spot training and compliance gaps
  • Ensure corrective actions are completed
Caresafely analytics