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Oil and Gas Operator Training Plan




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This oil and gas operator training template provides a straightforward but robust training plan for oil and gas operators and petroleum engineers. As a high-risk industry, this learning path includes a range of topics to make your workforce safer and better at their jobs. From instrumentation and control to maintenance, operator responsibilities, and petroleum engineering, this training plan is a great way to onboard, upskill, and retain your workforce.

Oil and Gas Operator Training Benefits

As we embrace the Future of Energy, ensuring your training program is up to date is going to be crucial. Our training provides engaging, online courses that:

  • Help you improve safety and OSHA compliance
  • Are updated regularly to stay current with best practices, industry changes, and updates to regulations
  • Close critical skills gaps to keep your operation running smoothly, efficiently, and safely

Customizable Plans by Subindustry and Role

Whether you are an upstream, midstream, or downstream operation, this learning path contains specific training for your workers.

  • Upstream Operator Training: Focuses on safe handling of hazardous materials, environmental concerns, safety protocols, operator responsibilities, and more.
  • Midstream Operator Training: Focuses on the transportation and storage of hazardous materials, environmental safety, safety protocols, and equipment operations.
  • Downstream Operator Training: Focuses on refining operations, HAZWOPER, instrumentation and control, process sampling, systems, and controls, and more.
  • Petroleum Engineer Training: Focuses on process sampling and systems, instrumentation and control, petroleum engineering, maintenance, and safety protocols.

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