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Vector Solutions LiveSafe, a leading mobile platform for two-way safety and security risk communications, emergency notifications, and safety tools and resources has partnered with Allied Universal®, a leading security and facility services company providing integrated security services that combine security personnel, technology, and a variety of professional services, to give customers a flexible and scalable approach to securing their businesses. 

The Vector Solutions LiveSafe mobile platform enables employees and students to quickly share information with security, receive critical communications from their organization, and access important safety and security resources. Using our tip submit functionality, workers and students can anonymously report events such as suspicious activity, facilities maintenance, and sexual harassment.

Vector Solutions LiveSafe mobile platform can be used by Allied Universal Customers and can be connected to HELIAUS®, Allied Universal technology platform.   With the connection to HELIAUS, Allied Universal customers and Allied Universal security personnel can realize faster response time in emergencies, prevent incidents with improved risk intelligence, and provide better protection to you and your organization.